VISES - Valorisation de l’Impact Social de l’Entrepreneuriat Social


Why and how to address the issue of social impact assessment

The issue of the evaluation is not new. However, the purpose of the evaluation has changed over time. It seems that we have moved from a concern to inform the relevant stakeholders first to a justification of the means used, then to a demonstration of the effectiveness of the action, and eventually to a need to demonstrate, through impact indicators, the ability to respond to societal challenges.

What is also changing is the fact that the question of evaluation is being raised by new actors. Public funders are increasingly
expecting an impact evaluation to justify their contractual decisions. Philanthropic private funders take a stance that, beyond traditional risk and return parameters, now also requires an indication of the social impact. Finally, the very model of the social economy enterprise is mutated by a new kind of social entrepreneurs who do not seem to care too much for the process of governance (decision, allocation of profits) and even convey the message that impact is of outmost importance (implying that time has not to be wasted focussing too much on "useless" organisational complications).

The question of "social impact" is therefore at the heart of the concerns of the enterprises within the SSE. It therefore seemed important to us, working on the VISES project, to put on paper WHY and HOW it is necessary to address the issue of social impact assessment.


We wish you a pleasant reading of our position on the matter.

Nos principes clés

  1. S’adapter au monde de l’entreprise
  2. S’appuyer sur les forces existantes
  3. Prendre en compte la diversité des entreprises et des territoires
  4. Ecouter les attentes des partenaires

Valoriser l’impact social ...

c’est susciter l’engouement pour agir et entreprendre différemment et :

  • favoriser l’adhésion et l’implication de tous
  • inspirer la création d’activités
  • renforcer le soutien de partenaires publics et privés
  • inviter à revisiter l’existant pour optimiser l’utilité sociale

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